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I love this classical Bruce bag. It's a little bit heavy to carry but it's okay. The color is perfect (Bruce brown) and the leather quality is excellent. You never be disappointed the design and quality.
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Raffaello Small King<br> Cartella Porta PC 15 pollici
Raffaello Small King
Cartella Porta PC 15 pollici
Model: K116/15
Limited Quantity<br><span style="color:rgb(153,0,0);font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:10px">Only 1 in stock - order it now.</span>Limited Quantity
Only 1 in stock - order it now.
Raffaello Big King <br>Cartella porta PC 17 pollici
Raffaello Big King
Cartella porta PC 17 pollici
Model: K116/17
Immediately AvailableImmediately Available