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1) 11RT014 -- Brown --
2) 35RN120/B -- Black --
3) 13RF120 -- Radica Coffee --
4) BB500 Vitello Bruce Brown
5) 20RN120 -- Radica Black --
6) 30RF120/B -- Coffee --
7) BBN140_4 Bruce Black
8) 40RN032 -- Black --
9) 10RM120 -- Radica Brown --
10) 57RCL120/N -- Cherry --
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Clayson S.:
PERFECT! Another fantastic Pratesi purchase. Without comparison; these bags are peerless! My compliments as always!
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  • Friday 28 February, 2014

    Line Santa Croce

    We are pleased to announce the availability of a new line of  bags and accessories with the cla...
    Friday 30 March, 2012

    6th Pratesi shop Opening in Lucca

    Via Fillungo, 29 LUCCA...
    Saturday 03 March, 2012

    Exterior initials for free

    exterior initials
    For all our customers who want to customize the purchased bag we offer application of initial extern...
  • Wednesday 23 June, 2010

    NEW Trolley Orient-Express

      With retractable handles  All hand made    ...
    Friday 07 May, 2010

    Initial on demand

    Outside up the lock
      Now you can have all custom items with your initials. Both, internally and externally....
    Wednesday 10 February, 2010

    FREE taxes

       FREE taxes and customs duties for countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Austral...
    New Products
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    Semproniano 159 Borsa da Donna
    Semproniano 159<br>Borsa da Donna
    Model: B159Details
    Not availableNot Available
    Lucignano Small 280 / 20 Borsa Donna
    Lucignano Small 280/20<br>Borsa Donna
    Model: R280/20Details
    Immediately AvailableImmediately Available
    Scansano 290 Borsa Donna
    Scansano 290<br>Borsa Donna
    Model: B290Details
    Immediately AvailableImmediately Available
    Sarteano 291 Borsa Donna
    Sarteano 291<br>Borsa Donna
    Model: B291Details
    Immediately AvailableImmediately Available
    Versilia K Piccola Borsa da Donna
    Versilia K Piccola<br>Borsa da Donna
    Model: K348/PDetails
    Immediately AvailableImmediately Available
    Continental 277 Borsone da Viaggio
    Continental 277<br>Borsone da Viaggio
    Model: B277Details
    Immediately AvailableImmediately Available
      Featured Products
    Photocamera<br>Shoulder Bag
    Shoulder Bag
    Model: B444
    Immediately AvailableImmediately Available
    Orient-Express<br>trolley travel bag
    Orient - Express
    trolley travel bag
    Model: B199
    Immediately AvailableImmediately Available
    Some Random Products
    Arnolfo di Cambio 408 King<br>Pilot Case
    Arnolfo di Cambio 408 King
    Pilot Case
    Model: K408
    Not availableNot Available
    Veneziano Big King<br>Woman Bag
    Veneziano Big King
    Woman Bag
    Model: K285/G
    Immediately AvailableImmediately Available